On a beautiful sunday morning it was time again for a game against the Blue Hawks Zwolle. Before the game there were numerous discussions in the team chat on whether everybody was going to be in time at the equipment storage. There were even a few people who placed bets against a certain individual being there in time. To the surprise of many he was, like most other players actually, indeed in time and he is now owed 15 beers by a few unlucky teammates.


After preparing ourselves and the field for the game, coach Andrew pulled out the lineup card and the starting lineup looked like this:

  1. Tim at ©, later 2B
  2. Timon at CF
  3. Meurs at P, later at 3B
  4. Kas at 3B, later at P
  5. Rowen at 1B
  6. Ab at SS
  7. Leon at LF
  8. Phil/Sebastian at 2B, later Phil at ©
  9. Emilio/Martijn/Menno at RF


The game started relatively promising, after allowing the Blue Hawks’ leadoff man got around to score, the defense kept all holes close and it was time for us to score some runs. The Hitters’ hitters started off by taking advantage of the opponent’s wild pitching to load the bases for the nr. 5 hitter. And then: he hit a ball, high and far into the outfield, it was going going…. (imagine a real announcer here)


But unfortunately stayed in the park and got caught for a sacrifice fly that scored the runner from third. However, it turned out that it was only moments our offense would amount to something run scoring. There were baserunning blunders and bad at bats, it seemed as if we couldn’t really figure out where the ball was going after it left the pitcher’s hand from his low ¾ arm slot that created some funny movement to the ball. It was actually not really funny as that meant we couldn’t square up the ball.


On the defensive side things went heyward in the second inning. The defense wasn’t very sharp, errors were made and the catcher was doing his best ‘Gary Sanchez receiving baseballs’ (check the game on 5 September, it wasn’t very good…)-imitation and as a result many runs scored for the opponent. But from then on, after a pitching change it got a lot better and the team showed it’s skills in the second half of the game. It was time for a comeback attempt


However, the 7-1 deficit was too much to overcome, as we could only score two more runs to make the final score 7-3. Next weekend, we will have to be a bit sharper as we try to take a win from the CUBS in Hardenberg.


Datum Tijd League Seizoen
9 september 2018 13:00 Honkbal Senioren Wedstrijdsport Regulier 4e klasse 2018


UT Baseball Field
Calslaan 35, 7522 MJ Enschede, Nederland


Blue Hawks15107x
Hitters H1100123

Blue Hawks


Hitters H1

# Batting AB R H RBI 2B 3B HR SB BB SO LOB
Timon Kruijk00000000000
Sebastian Pohlman00000000000
Phil Kötterheinrich00000000000
Daan van Meurs00000000000
Pitching IP H R ER BB SO HR